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BMW Motorrad motorcycle accessory packs.

Accessories are like the finishing strokes of the painter’s brush. They highlight and define a masterpiece. Bike accessories are not only for function but work together to create an ensemble that expresses your style, who you are and what you do.

“Bike accessories highlight and define your motorcyle.”

Motorcycle accessories allow you to customize your experience in new and exciting ways. And doesn’t everyone want their bike to stand out from a crowd?

BMW Motorrad creates premium motorcycle accessories for form, function and design. Wheels, Carbon trims, LED lights, luggage or chrome details –everything fits perfectly and is specifically designed to make your motorcycle even more beautiful and unique. Not only that, genuine BMW accessories are covered by a two year warranty.

We understand that knowing what accessories are available and right for your motorcycle can be difficult, which is why BMW Motorrad Australia has created recommended accessory packs for each model. The accessory packs are designed to make riding more enjoyable and your bike look even better.

The accessory packs are based on functionality and provide greater value for money compared with buying the items separately.

Top selling accessory packs in 2015 were the R 1200 GS Adventure, R 1200 R and R 1200 RS.

R 1200 GS Adventure

R 1200 GS Adventure

Luggage Set $2,500
Valued at $3,220

  • Aluminium cases, incl. locks (random coded)
  • Aluminium topcase, incl. locks (random coded)
  • Tankbag, large

Protection Set $500
Valued at $663

  • Engine guard & mount sets
  • Headlight protector (for off-road use only)
Left to Right: Aluminum cases, Engine gaurds and Headlight protector.

Aluminum cases and Topcase
The Aluminum cases and topcase are perfect for storage. The cases are robust and suitable for off-road riding. The design of the cases matches the style of the bike. Lock barrels are also included.

Engine guards
Engine guards protect the bottom of the engine against flying stones and contact with the ground or obstacles. The brackets are made from steel and are a robust shield that enhance the bikes off-road character.

Headlight protector
While the headlight protector is only for off-road use it is a life saver against flying stones and dirt. The snap-lock system is super easy to use with a straightforward speedy installation and removal for cleaning.

R 1200 R

R 1200 R

Luggage Set $2,500
Valued at $3,347

  • Pannier Cases L & R, locks & liners
  • Top Case, backrest & inner bag
  • Tank Bag
Left to Right: HP footrests R + L and Tank bag.

HP footrests, clutch and lever
The footrests are ergonomical and are adjustable to meet your needs of comfort. The footbrake lever and gearshift lever are also adjustable up/down and also forward/back to suit rider’s boot size. The footrests give the bike a sporty look.

Tank bag
The tankbag is highly functional. Shaped for a snug fit on the fuel tank.  The tankbag also features a waterproof compartment and is made of nylon fabric with anti-slip PU coating. The tankbag comes with a carry hand and removable shoulder strap making it very versatile.

R 1200 RS

R 1200 RS

Luggage Set $2,500
valued at $3,347

  • Pannier Cases L & R, locks & liners
  • Top Case, backrest & inner bag
  • Tank Bag
Left to Right: Pannier cases, Liners and Topcase.

Pannier cases
The hardshell plastic spray-proof pannier cases are perfect for storage. The left case is slightly larger and will easily accommodate 1 helmet. With a maximum of 10kg per load the pannier cases allow you to pack your whole wardrobe! The cases come with functional, waterproof stable liners that are designed to fit and tailor-match the touring cases.

The topcase is also waterproof, easily removable and lockable. The inner bag is shaped back to make full use of available capacity.

BMW genuine accessories are designed by BMW engineers to perfectly fit each motorcycle and offer the highest level of function and style. Because of this, they complement each motorcycle, while some non genuine items may compromise a bikes ride quality or reliability.

BMW Motorrad offer accessory packs for selected models, for more details contact your local dealer here.