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Be the change you want to see in the world.

There are plenty of charities around Australia – in fact there are an estimated 60,000 registered charities.
According to research, the community is moving away from the act of simply donating and are instead wanting to engage, to be part of an experience, to feel a genuine connection, to own a relationship.

Are you a motorcyclist who wants to make a difference and be part of a great cause?

Black Dog Ride is a charity that raises awareness and funds for depression and suicide prevention. The charity is an outlet to connect with other motorcyclists and make a difference.

Steve Andrews and Black Dog Riders being welcomed to the Pilbara by local Firefighters.

The story behind it

Black Dog Ride was founded in 2009 by Steve Andrews. After losing his mother and a close friend to suicide, Steve felt the need to raise community awareness of depression and to create a national conversation.

Steve embarked upon a solo 26 day motorbike journey around Australia, raising $34,000 for the Suicide Call Back Service and engaging Australians with his message of awareness.

Steve took with him a soft toy black dog representing the black dog of depression which Winston Churchill famously diarised. Steve called this dog Winston, and his ride, Black Dog Ride.

Black Dog Ride, founder, Steve Andrews.

How it works

Black Dog Ride is a national suicide prevention organisation that supports other charities. It also provides a platform for people with mental illness to talk and seek support. Black Dog Ride has coordinated 73 rides to raise awareness of depression and suicide prevention.

Additionally, the charity has organised hundreds of community events bringing people together to foster a culture of mental health awareness. Black Dog Riders have engaged with thousands of Australians from all walks of life.

Black Dog Ride provides a platform for people with mental illness to talk and seek support.

Black Dog Ride also raises funds from their events and has distributed over $2million to mental health organisations on the front line of suicide prevention, some of these include Lifeline and Mental Health First Aid.

Black Dog Ride has positively impacted many people and communities across Australia. Black Dog Ride and founder Steve Andrews has won numerous awards for his life-changing work.

Left to Right: Nathan Gyaneshwar near canola field in NSW on the 2015 Black Dog Ride to the Red Centre.

Recent Highlights

  • In 2015 Nearly 7,000 riders from 33 regions in every state and territory simultaneously get on their bikes for the Black Dog Ride 1 Dayer, amplifying the message of depression and suicide prevention awareness in countless communities.
  • Black Dog Ride participated in agricultural shows in Perth, Mackay, and Dubbo to foster mental health awareness amongst regional communities.
  • Local schools participated in Black Dog Rider mental health awareness projects.
  • Dozens of Black Dog Riders and other members of the community were trained in Mental Health First Aid by BDR sponsored Instructors.
  • Black Dog Ride was able to distribute over $400,000 to 25 mental health organisations on the front line of suicide prevention.
  • Black Dog Ride reached around the globe to start conversations in the USA with their Black Dog Ride across America in August 2015 which was a 21 day adventure from New York to Los Angeles.

2016 Black Dog Rides

As well as the Australian and New Zealand 1 Dayer Rides, Black Dog Ride has a series of State Rides, to maximize its outreach to regional communities.


20 March – The Australian 1 Dayer takes place in 35 locations across the country. View details here.
October/November – The New Zealand 1 Dayer is planned for spring, details will be coming later this year.

July 30 to August 6
August 13 to 28
August 18 to 28
October 8 to 16
October 10 to 16
October 22 to 29
October 22 to 30

Riders passing Uluru on the 2015 Black Dog Ride to the Red Centre.

BMW Motorrad is a proud partner of Black Dog Ride. BMW Motorrad have sponsored the last few Black Dog Ride events that run nationally in over 20 venues across Australia.

Similar to last year BMW Motorrad and Black Dog Ride will partner up for the 2016 Ulysses AGM in Launceston and offer $10 test rides on selected BMW Motorrad models. The proceeds will be shared between BDR and UCARF.
The initiative was very successful in 2015 and we look forward to working with Black Dog Ride again.

If you or anyone you know is continually feeling down or is in a state of panic or anxiety, please take some positive action. There is no stigma in seeking professional help. Contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or your local GP.

-Photography by Eden Connell of Zoom In With Eden and Roger Clark of ENVY Photography.