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Every rider needs to be prepared and protected.

Helmets have undergone a huge transformation over the last century. From early designs focused on mere wind protection, to the modern variations we see today – helmet designers have worked out what works and what doesn’t. Most importantly, a good-quality and well-designed helmet has become an invaluable staple for motorcyclists.


Australia has rigorous safety standards and requirements for motorcycle helmets. And rightly so –  helmets can be the difference between life and death. Even the most skilled rider knows that to protect themselves from serious injury, appropriate head protection is a vital necessity. Whilst helmets are obviously not a magic solution to the risks involved with motorcycle riding, they can make the most crucial of differences in the case of an unfortunate accident.

Before 2016, BMW Motorrad was unable to deliver a full range of helmets to Australian riders, based on current standards and regulations surrounding motorcycle helmets. However, times have changed. Australia has approved the use of helmets based on the regulations of the United Nations Economic Commission of Europe (UNECE), and Australian approved helmets will now comply with ECE 22-05 Regulation laws. UN Regulation No. 22 is the most widely respected and used regulation in the world, endorsed by more than 50 countries.

All BMW Helmets comply with ECE 22-05.

“Any helmet is better than no helmet” is a common phrase offered by motorcyclists. Whilst it is true that head protection is vital to riding, a poor-quality helmet may give riders a false sense of protection, and in the event of a crash, provide inadequate protection resulting in injury and even death. A high-quality, innovative and safe helmet is an investment, one of which is crucial for all serious riders.

BMW Airflow Helmets displaying wind resistance. The Airflow helmets feature two large ventilation zones, allowing riders to adjust their helmets to suit weather conditions.


The BMW Helmet range is one of the safest and most diverse on the market, offering protective equipment for all riders, whether they prefer off-road or on-road riding. Helmets are available in a variety of technologies, colours and styles, and most importantly, offer the vital protection needed for all facets of motorcycle riding. Featuring a mix of innovative technologies and comfort to enhance riding experience, BMW Helmets are focused on the importance of safety and protection for all riders.

BMW helmets undergo rigorous testing. Pictured is the System 6 EVO helmet undergoing rain and wind testing.


GS Helmets are designed for riders who love to get out of the city and experience fantastic off-road terrain. Perfect for touring and adventure riding, the GS helmets offer high-level impact-reduction. Other features include:

  • 100% carbon-fibre reinforced plastic shell
  • Double-glazed, 3D curved visor
  • Anti-fog inner visor
  • Anti-scratch outer visor
  • Spoiler and removable sun shield for optimum aerodynamics
  • Removable chinbar and dust filter for off-road and hot-weather riding
  • Highly effective ventilation system


The System 6 EVO helmets offer a variety of features for every rider. Mechanised with quadruple-joints as a flip-front helmet, EVO Helmets give riders a wide field of vision. Other features include:

  • Glass-fibre reinforced plastic outer shell
  • Double-glazed visor with anti-scratch coating on outer-face
  • Excellent head and visor ventilation
  • Outstanding aerodynamics and aeroacoustics
  • Built-in drop down sun visor


The Race Helmet is an integral helmet for all motorcyclists, suitable for road and track use. These helmets are particularly valuable for riders who perform high-speed rides. The race-proven, full-face design lets you concentrate completely on the road ahead, and react at lightning speed. Features include:

  • Glass-fibre/Carbon-fibre outer shell
  • Large spoiler for maximum stability at speeds over 300 km/h
  • First-rate impact absorption
  • Anti-scratch visor with wide field of vision
  • Anti-fog inner visor
  • Effective visor and head ventilation
  • Neck contour ensures wearer comfort even when in the prone rider position


With classic styling, high-quality leather and no visor, the Legend helmet means business. There’s no doubting its safety performance either, thanks to its first rate impact absorption and integrated neck-straps. Other features include:

  • Retro-style jet helmet
  • Glass-fibre reinforced plastic outer shell
  • Short sun shield, no visor
  • High quality leather interior with embroidered BMW logo
  • Chrome-plated edging


Winner of the RedDot Design Award, the AirFlow Helmet is renowned for being a premium jet helmet with excellent ventilation. Offering two large ventilation zones, the AirFlow Helmet allows riders to adjust the helmet to weather conditions and their personal preferences. Features include:

  • Glass-fibre reinforced plastic outer shell
  • Anti-scratch outer visor
  • Double-glazed, 3D curved visor
  • Outstanding aerodynamics and aeroacoustics
  • High-quality aluminium elements with BMW branding


Enjoy a more connected riding experience.

Many BMW Helmets feature the ability to install Communications Systems, adding a whole new dimension to rider safety and enjoyment. Whilst we appreciate the roar of the engine and the rush of the wind, communications systems are valuable tools designed for saftey and improve the general riding experience.

The BMW Communications System

The device is fitted inside the BMW helmet, allowing the shell to absorb almost all unneccesary external noise. Exceptionally easy to operate, the communications system is activated by three buttons located on the outside of the helmet.

Featuring Bluetooth® technology for wireless communications, the BMW System enable greater connectivity and practicality. Battery life spans from 10-12 hours, allowing riders to get the most our of their journey.

Other benefits of a BMW Communication System include:

  • Ability to listen to music whilst riding
  • Make phone calls
  • Talk directly and with ease to the pillion rider
  • Recieve GPS signal and directions


BMW Motorrad Australia is offering a special September promotion for customers looking to improve their riderwear and head protection. As the new season approaches, it is the perfect time to update riding essentials for the upcoming warmer months.

Customers can choose to take advantage of the following offers during the month of September 2016:

  • Purchase 1 BMW Helmet and BMW Communication System and recieve a 15% discount
  • Purchase 2 BMW Helmets and BMW Communication Systems and recieve a 15% discount. Customers will also be able to choose a FREE fitment of 1 Communications System to their chosen BMW Helmet

BMW Helmets are an invaluable investment for all serious motorcyclists, featuring both a safe and innovative design.

For more information on a suitable helmet and to take advantage of the September offers, please contact your local BMW Motorrad dealership.


Terms & Conditions: Unfortunately BMW Communications Systems are not compatible with BMW Race and Legend Helmets.