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It doesn’t matter where you’re going – there’s always something to take along. Whether you’re taking an day trip, heading to the track or traveling around the world, BMW Motorrad offers the right bag and luggage solution for every journey. When it comes to quality, design and functionality, we don’t settle for anything less than the best. That’s why we put a lot of thought into the little details, and use only the toughest materials.

We offer a line of luggage that’s packed full of handy features and suits every requirement. All products are designed to take a load off your mind, so you can enjoy whatever your next ride has in store. BMW Motorrad offers premium luggage for every need.

Find luggage to suit you at BMW Motorrad! What type of rider are you?

1. Lifestyle Rider

When you’re not riding, do you attend events, races and activities?
If yes, the Function BackPack is for you.

Function BackPack

This high-quality, functional motorcycle backpack is perfect for almost any activity. The backpack is robust and is made from heavy-duty material making it suitable for all conditions. The main compartment is waterproof and versatile with room for your laptop (up to 15”). The backpack has an ergonomically formed back section for ultimate comfort as well as adjustable straps. The backpack carries a substantial volume and is able to hold a helmet. The backpack can be strapped down to the motorcycle.

Volume: Approx. 25 litres, expandable to 30 litres
Colour: Gray/white/red
Price: $200

2. Track Rider

Heading to a track day or need a bag to put your motorcycle gear in?
If yes, the Giant Bag is for you.

Giant Bag

The Giant Bag is specially designed to the travelling needs of motorcyclists. There is plenty of space for your rider equipment essentials such as helmet, suit, boots and gloves. Practical compartments inside make it easy to pack all your gear. The bottom compartment can be used in a number of ways. The Giant Bag is easy to use with carrying handles and is effortlessly wheeled around using the extendable handle.

Dimensions: Approx. 90. 40. 40 cm (H x W x D)
Volume: Approx. 90 litres
Colour: Black/grey/white
Price: $350

3. Safari Rider

If you’ve attended a BMW Safari, you’ll already know how great the luggage roll is.
The bag is versatile as it can be put on the luggage truck or tied down to the motorcycle.
If this sounds like you, the BMW Luggage Roll is the one.

Luggage Roll

The waterproof luggage roll can be carried on BMW motorcycles. The bag is weatherproof and hard-wearing.  It comes supplied with 12 retaining straps in 3 different lengths, so there are many ways in which it can be securely attached to the motorcycle. The straps loop around suitable components on the motorcycle and snap into the buckles on the luggage roll. The luggage roll is perfect for BMW GS Safari and allows ample room to hold clothes and other belongings.

Volume: Approx. 50 litres
Dimensions: Width approx. 40 cm, Length approx. 65 cm
Color: Dark blue
Price: $230

4. Everyday Rider

Do you ride most days?
Are you looking to store your belongings safely while you commute?
If yes, the Small Softbag is for you.

Small Softbag

The small softbag is perfect for day to day commuting, there’s a place to put your wallet, lunch and jumper. The softbag features a formed base which makes it easy to store your belongings. A waterproof main compartment and water-repellent outside pockets keeps everything dry and easily accessible. The bag features carrying handles and a shoulder strap which make it easy to carry when you have arrived at your destination.

Volume: Approx. 30 litres, extending to 35 l (extension in main compartment)
Colour: Dark grey
Price: $250

5. Weekend Rider

Do you love to pre-plan your motorcycle trips and know exactly where everything is in your bag?
If yes, the Large Softbag is for you.

Large Softbag

The large softbag is structured with a formed base that allows you to easily access items and pack your belongings without them rolling around. The large softbag is expandable and can fit on any motorcycle. The bag comes with a removable, adjustable shoulder strap with padding.

Volume: Approx. 50 litres extending to 55 (extension in cargo-type side pockets)
Colour: Dark grey
Price: $300

BMW Motorrad prides itself on creating functional, flexible and robust products.
All luggage products are exceptionally well designed and made from the finest materials. For more information, please contact your local dealer.