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5 Reasons to love BMW Motorrad's Navigator V.

Get to your destination swiftly, relaxed and in style. The BMW Motorrad Navigator V will guide you wherever you want to go and lead you to new places.

The Nav V offers a handy and reliable guide with ample memory to get you to your destination safely without stress. Key features of the Nav V include extremely simple operation, innovative technology and a robust housing that’s both waterproof and spray-resistant.

BMW Motorrad literally sets the course when it comes to navigation: with state-of-the-art technology such as Bluetooth®, touch screen, satellite-supported GPS navigation and lots of useful additional functions such as communication aids.
The system is perfectly tailored for use on the motorcycle.

Five reasons why we love the Nav V

1. Size of the screen.

The Navigator V features a 5 inch widescreen display, one of the largest in the market. The large multi controller display in 16:9 Format makes it super easy to follow and see your route.

2. My Motorcycle Feature

The integration technology on the Navigator V talks to certain current models (eg R 1200 GS, R 1200 GS Adventure, R 1200 R, R 1200 RS). The ‘My Motorcycle’ feature provides information about your ride and records the bikes movements, such as the amount of times you applied the brakes and changed gears. To use this feature you must have Nav Prep 27, which comes with the touring package or you can have it fitted to the bike later.

3. Lifetime Maps

The Navigator V comes with free lifetime maps. The maps can be updated with the latest maps, new estates and speed restrictions. The updates happen four times a year.

4. Functionality

The Navigator V is so easy to use with the option of a touch screen or a controller on the bike. The 3D view displays building as landmarks, offering the rider a more realistic view of the environment and thereby making it easy to follow directions Also, the controls are large so they can be operated while wearing gloves. Depending on the Model the Nav V is either on a bracket or the dash

5. Smart Phone Link

The Navigator V offers a smart phone link which provides weather and live traffic updates via garmin. The Nav V can also be used in-car with the optional car kit.

For more information on the Navigator V, please contact your local BMW Motorrad dealership.