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Say hello to a new era of motorcycling.

BMW Motorrad have officially launched their VISION NEXT 100 concept model – a model designed for the future of motorcycling.

Standing alongside other members of the BMW Group – BMW, Rolls-Royce and MINI, the concept models look to the next 100 years of the BMW Group and the future of the automotive industry.

Designers predict that over the next decades we will see a rise and development of autonomous vehicles. Living in a more digitalised and interconnected world, the future has never been more exciting.

The BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100, alongside the Rolls-Royce, MINI and BMW future 100 models.

Looking forward to the next 100 years with the design team, BMW Motorrad Head of Design, Edgar Heinrich focused on bringing back a sense of freedom to motorcycle riding.

“The bike lets me break out of my daily routine. From that moment I get on the bike I can feel total freedom immediately – The Great Escape”

Experiencing total riding pleasure and embracing environmental surronds was a key aspect of this vision.

The BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100 model allows riders to experience the benefits of motorcycling, without the traditional neccesities of protective clothing or a helmet.


The idea of riding without external protection is slightly terrifying at first thought.

The BMW Motorrad concept model allows riders to experience total riding enjoyment, without requiring traditional means of motorcycle protection.

Instead, riders will be joined by a ‘digital companion’, a functional, digital unit ensuring a high degree of safety. The digital companion acts imperceptibly in the background and always intervenes when required or desired.

Another key feature of the concept model is the data glasses. The data glasses are open to the entire field of view and provide vital wind protection.

Moreover, the visor enables riders to stay up to date on the route, projecting situationally relevant data into the rider’s field of view if neccesary.

It shows the current angle of lean and the ideal line. If there is any deviation, the rider can correct this. If the rider fails to react or does so too late, the motorcycle corrects itself. Looking up will have a rearview mirror function.



A motorcycle doesn’t have to fall over.

The BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100 is fully self-standing, enabling riders to find perfect balance and ride with stability and precision.

This feature greatly benefits learner riders, increasing safety and control, with the confidence that they cannot fall over.

Experienced bikers can also profit from self-balancing. As the motorcycle becomes more agile, the riding experience becomes even more dynamic.

The assistance systems also expand the rider’s capabilities. Regardless of ability and practice, riders are able to constantly expand their boundaries and positively intensify the riding experiences.

Every ride can be an experience of pure freedom from start to finish.


BMW Motorrad’s VISION NEXT 100 brings motorcycling into the future.

Whilst maintaining traditional BMW Motorrad elements, such as a twin engine and triangular frame, the concept model references the past whilst looking towards the future.

Emissionless drive is a key factor of the BMW Group’s attitude towards a responsible automotive industry. Protecting our environment is essential for sustainability and growth, and was a goal of BMW Motorrad’s concept model.

The next 100 years may seem far away, but with BMW Motorrad, riders can anticipate a future of ultimate riding pleasure.

Check out the video below of the BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100 Concept Model.

Say hello to the future of motorcycle riding.