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Benefits of the BMW Rallye suit.

Once you experience great riding gear you really understand how important and beneficial it can be for your riding enjoyment. For an adventure rider you rely on good gear like you rely on a trusted friend. When you are having your best day it’s there with you and when you are doing it tough it’s there to help you when you need it most.

The combination of safety, functionality and comfort makes the BMW Rallye suit a number one pick for gear you can rely on.

We look at the benefits of the BMW Rallye suit compared to competitors.


For many years the BMW Rallye Suit has set the standard for adventure riding gear. The Rallye suit consists of jacket and pants, while specifically developed for off road use the suit is versatile for all riding conditions. The combination of safety and  functionality puts the BMW Rallye suit at the top of the list compared to other options that are on the mark.  While for some, the cost of the BMW Rallye suit can be a deciding factor; the quality and versatility of the BMW Rallye suit means you actually save money in the long term.

“Quality over quantity everytime!”

At events or shows, it’s not uncommon for customers to come up and talk to BMW staff and tell the story – “When I looked for riding gear I decided to buy a cheaper brand, then once I started riding more, I had made a mistake and I bought the Rallye suit. So I ended up wasting money by buying the cheap stuff.”


As a rider, from a safety point of view you there are two crucial things to consider:

1. Abrasion resistance
2. Impact protection

The Rallye suit is specifically designed to protect in these two key areas.
We have seen proof and some of us have personally experienced the high abrasion resistance that literally saves your skin compared to materials that some other brands use. The jacket and pants zip together for increased protection as well as comfort in cold or wet conditions.

The Rallye suit’s unique armour system protects important areas such as knees, elbows, shoulders and of course your back and spine. The material absorbs shock and reduces the impact to the body. Both the back and elbow armour will compress when slowly squeezed, but firm up if squeezed or pounded quickly, which is the way the material helps dissipate energy in a crash.

At a recent GS Safari one rider was hit from behind by a Landcruiser with a massive bulbar, knocking him off his bike. He did receive a few injuries as you would expect, but when his doctors heard about the accident they simply said “That jacket saved you”.


The Rallye suits shape, along with the stretchable, breathable fabric makes it one of the most popular off road riding pieces. The liners soft material and very fine microfleece in certain spots makes it super easy to put on and hard to get out of. The NP2 protectors at the shoulders, elbows, back, hips and knees can be adjusted to your personal preferences.

The mesh material through the chest of the jacket provides excellent ventilation. The sleeves are also adjustable with hooks allowing you to tighten not only the end of the sleeves but all along the arms. The waist includes sewn in elastic which allows movement across the back. The pockets are fitted with velcro making it easy to access essentials on a ride. Comfort is at the forefront of the Rallye design.


BMW Motorrad prides itself on manufacturing premium rider wear and using high quality materials. The jacket shell has been specifically developed with genuine DuPont Cordura that provides a stronger and studier shell for increased protection. The Rallye jacket zips are built from high quality metal snaps and provide seamless movement. Small details such as the comprehensive stitching demonstrate the level of care taken and quality of the product. Waterproof pockets with Velcro flaps and zips also demonstrate the premium quality of the BMW Rallye suit.


The jacket is extremely versatile and is made for all types of riding conditions. The sleeves of the jacket are removable, to assist with ventilation during the warmer months. The suit is highly functional and features an inner windproof and waterproof liner. The outer jacket can be worn by itself and is suitable for a wide range of conditions and temperatures. The inner jacket can be worn separately as a waterproof jacket casually, while the outer shell is perfect for riding in higher temperatures – with breathable mesh fabric across the front and arms.

The Rallye suit at a glance

  • Specially developed for off-road use.
  • New, improved ProTechWool.
  • Jacket with removable sleeves.
  • Pants with stretch inserts and leather patches.
  • With adjustable NP2 protectors at the shoulders, elbows, back, hips and knees.
  • Silicon strip on insert seam prevents suit riding up.
  • Stretchable, breathable mesh lining.
  • Ventilated in various places.
  • Breathable, windproof and waterproof C.A.R.E. climate membrane (removable).
  • Reflective material.
  • 7 jacket pockets, back pocket for TrinkPak, 3 trouser pockets.
  • Connecting zip (40 cm).
The BMW Rallye suit is an investment and the ultimate adventure accessory!

For more information, please contact your local dealer.