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Improve your skills with the California Superbike School.

BMW Motorrad is excited to continue its partnership with the California Superbike School into 2017. The partnership was formed in 2014, and has been an important player in rider development and creating brand exposure for BMW’s increasingly popular sports models.

California Superbike School use a fleet of S 1000 RR’s and provide valuable assistance with BMW Test Ride and Track Days. Through this thriving partnership, riders who partake in California Superbike School’s courses have the opportunity to hire or ride from the school’s official fleet of motorcycles, the BMW S 1000 RR and its naked partner, the S 1000 R.

The BMW S 1000 RR is an ideal bike for developing riders, whether new to the track or a world-class racer. The RR is the epitome of a superbike. Featuring a distinct technical advantage from its competitors, the RR is the ultimate training bike and a pleasure to ride.

The partnership is the perfect combo – with California Superbike School, a leader in advanced motorcycle training, and BMW Motorrad, a leader in innovative technologies, both sharing the same vision to assist riding ability and improve cornering skills.


California Superbike School is a road rider training program designed to improve riders mental and physical agility. The comprehensive training is a step by step method of technical skills with an emphasis on cornering.

California Superbike School started as a vision of Keith Code, who began his advanced rider training courses in 1976. Keith is best known for his Twist of the Wrist books – where he documented riding principles that are still used today and were ground-breaking in the 80s and 90s.

“We are not famous racers or great businessmen but we’ve become recognised worldwide…because our system of training works and riders benefit from it.” – California Superbike School.


California Superbike School’s fleet of RR’s give students a distinct advantage as they strive to increase their riding ability. With BMW Motorrad’s industry leading electronic aids, students are able to focus more on improving their riding, making California Superbike School training even safer and more effective.

Students also have the opportunity to train on two world-class tracks – Phillip Island Circuit and Sydney Motorsport Park. This is a great opportunity to start your training to better riding with California Superbike School.


California Superbike School Australia has been running since 1996 and has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in road rider training. The trainers are highly skilled and undergo rigorous theoretical and practical training to ensure they are able to apply the CSS riding principals. New riding techniques are constantly integrated into the training program, along with ongoing revises to ensure the program provides riders with skills to master the art of cornering.


Courses are available in four different levels, and each level takes one day to complete. All riders commence the course at Level 1, regardless of ability. These courses are focused on guaranteeing riding improvement, and enabling riders with the confidence and skill to feel comfortable on their motorcycles.

Each level features five technical briefings and five track sessions throughout the day. Also included is lunch, the option to hire bikes or gear, and a great riding experience!

Level 1 – The entry point for all new riders to the California Superbike School System. Level 1 focuses on the six common errors made by most riders.

Level 2 – Level 2 focuses on the visual problems that riders face. This course enables riders to improve drastically on vision skills and target fixation.

Level 3 – The importance of how riders interact with the bike is covered in Level 3. This course covers the essentials, regarding body position and stability.

Level 4 – Level 4 is custom designed for each rider. An on-track coach and consultant will ask riders what they wish to improve on, and work towards finalising the rider’s course.

The California Superbike School Australia offers courses in Sydney, NSW and Phillip Island, VIC.

For more information on the California Superbike School, and for details on the 2017 courses, visit www.superbikeschool.com.au.