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A lot can change in 100 years.

In 1916, BMW, then known as Bayerische Motorenwerke (German for ‘Bavarian Motorworks’), originated from 3 manufacturing companies, focused on aircraft and automobile production.

Centered in the southern Germany city of Munich, BMW has shaped automotive design and innovative engineering since the early 20th century.

Whilst BMW didn’t start creating it’s renowned cars until 1929, the company was ahead of the game with motorcycle production, which commenced in 1923.


BMW began to increase focus on motorcycle and automobile production during the 1930s and 1940s.

During this period, the war caused major disrupt for BMW. Headquarters in Munich were completed destroyed, and several factories located in Eastern Germany were seized by the Soviet Union.

Banned from making automobiles by the allies due to a connection with the Nazi party, BMW survived the post-war era by making necessities such as pots, pans and bicycles, for an economically unstable Germany.

Once the ban was lifted, BMW began automotive production again – starting with the humble motorcycle.

1. An early BMW motorcycle design. 2. BMW Global Headquarters in Munich, Germany.


BMW Motorrad has thrived throughout the history of the company.

Early designs were focused on the concept of a flat twin ‘boxer’ engine, a design which would become recognised and renowned throughout the world.

An early model featuring the distinct 'boxer' engine.

The 1960s saw the introduction of larger and faster models, motorcycles which would pave the way for the machines we see today.

Adventure motorcycles have formed a crucial part of the BMW Motorrad family.

The GS series has transformed off-road riding and strengthened interest in endurance racing. The R 80 G/S was the first model, and since then, 30 years of history have built the range and led to off road adventure rides, including BMWSafari in Australia.

BMW GS History - 30 years of adventure bikes.

Similarly, BMW road bikes have solidified their place in motorcycle history.

From Helmut Dahne riding a BMW R 90 S at the Isle of Man TT, to the current roadster models we see today – riding on road has never been more enjoyable.

1. Dahne at the Isle of Man TT, riding a BMW R 90S. 2. The modern BMW roadsters of today - the S 1000 R.
Whilst times have changed and motorcycles have evolved, the passion has remains the same.


Now, BMW Motorrad has segmented models into 6 categories of interest:

  • Sport – for those who prefer high-speed, race models
  • Roadster – road bikes, aimed at an enjoyable riding experience on-road
  • Adventure – for riders who want to explore off-road and on dirt tracks
  • Heritage – classic models reflecting BMW’s history, yet maintaining modern technology and innovation
  • Tour – touring models aimed at a comfortable and luxurious ride
  • Urban-Mobility – maxi-scooters, redefining the smaller CC- segment


BMW Motorrad Australia believes a milestone is worth celebrating.

To celebrate 100 years of BMW, BMW Motorrad Australia is offering fantastic ride-away deals across the entire 2016 model range.

BMW Motorrad Australia is offering fantastic ride-away deals across the entire 2016 model range.

Be it the F 700 GS at $12,990 or the TT winning S 1000 RR at $23,990, there’s never been a better time to own your dream motorcycle.

Visit bmwmotorrad.com.au for more information and to explore the model range. Contact your local BMW Motorrad dealership or to book a test ride, please click below.