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The International GS Trophy is a motorcycle adventure that puts the world at your feet. Teams from all around the world battle it out in intensive daily stages and numerous special challenges.

The 2018 GS Trophy will take place from the 3rd to the 10th June in Mongolia, a country built for off-road motorcycle adventure.

The International Trophy first commenced in 2008.

To date, the International GS Trophy has taken participants all the way to Tunisia, South Africa, Patagonia, Canada and Thailand. Five teams crossed the starting line in the first GS Trophy. The last event saw 19 teams taking part.

In 2016, the first-ever women’s-only team joined in. Their unwavering competitive spirit and brilliant riding talent won over the spectators. In Mongolia, for the first time, two international female teams will take part in the event.

To qualify for the BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy, riders must succeed in the qualifier in their home country. In 2017, BMW Motorrad Australia held its first national qualifier in Lima East in the Victorian country.

Participants battled it out in various challenges on GS motorcycles for the opportunity to compete in the prestigious global off-road event – the International GS Trophy.

The qualifier featured a range of challenging, intense and difficult tasks including an Obstacle Course, Traverse Slalom, Offset Slalom, Enduro loop, Navigation Loop and various other strength and endurance challenges.

After two days, the 2018 GS Trophy Australian Team was selected, which includes Shane Guttridge, Simon Turvey and Michael Haley.

Julia Maguire was selected to attend as a member of the International Female Team, after a challenging second qualifier in South Africa.

The Australian Team will also consist of a fourth member, Shane Booth. Shane Booth will be competing with the Team and reporting back as the journalist representative.

BMW Motorrad Australia wishes the Australian Team the best of luck in Mongolia. We look forward to sharing Australia’s vibrant GS spirit with other teams in the competition.

For the latest news on the 2018 BMW GS Trophy, stay tuned to the BMWRider blog.

BMWRider will be the home of Team Australia’s updates and progress from Mongolia.


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