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BMW Motorrad Summer Rider Wear.

Riding in hot weather has its own distinct challenges. As riders we are conscious of safety as well as comfort and when the mercury is heading north, this balance can be difficult to achieve.

*Leathers might be great for the track or cooler weather but not ideal for summer.

The BMW Motorrad Airflow range is the perfect motorcycle gear for hot days. With separate men’s and women’s fittings for the jacket and pants, the AirFlow range includes boots, gloves, suit and jacket.

Abrasion-resistant Cordura mesh and light, elastic Dynatec provide the large netted openings for optimum ventilation without compromising safety. The AirFlow range can take whatever conditions are thrown at it, on the road, off the beaten track and in extreme summer conditions. The AirFlow range will get you anywhere in comfort, safety and style.

Airflow Suit

As temperatures rise, so do the demands made on riders’ gear, which have to be ultra-lightweight and provide outstanding ventilation. Thanks to AirTex mesh lining in the chest, arm and upper thigh area, as well as eyelet lining, the AirFlow suit makes for a distinctly cooler feeling when riding compared to standard rider wear’.

Ladies: 34-48
Men: 46-66 / 98-118 (Black) trousers also in 25-28

Colours / Prices
Jacket:     Black, Grey / Red   $850
Trousers: Black, Grey             $580

Airflow Boots

The AirFlow Boot is a lightweight ankle-boot with excellent ventilation – the closest you can get to the feeling of wearing sandals in the saddle. Even when the air is hazy with the heat and sweat drops evaporate as soon as they hit the ground, the AirFlow uses air circulation to keep feet cool and comfortable. And should a shower appear to help cool things down, then you have the AirFlow Over Boot with its waterproof and dirt-repellent design.

AirFlow boot: 36-48
AirFlow over boot: 35 / 36-47 / 48

AirFlow boot, Black             $340
AirFlow over boot, Black     $120

AirFlow Gloves

The AirFlow Glove is the ultimate summer glove, a combination of fashion and function with free-breathing material that allows for excellent ventilation.
With safety at the forefront, the gloves feature a leather-coated hard knuckle shell along with perforated material to enhance airflow.

Unisex: 6-6 ½ to 12-12 ½

Colours / Prices:
Black & Grey    $145

AirShell Jacket

The AirShell jacket is made from lightweight material and is incredibly versatile, ideal for city traffic with its neon colouring. The bright yellow material is a combination of two fabrics – polyamide provides excellent abrasion resistance, while polyester prevents discoloration. The jacket is highly abrasion –resistant and includes padded thermal inserts, both windproof and waterproof.

The jacket is versatile and great for all year round! The AirShell jacket is also a great option for new motorcyclists who are required to wear high-visibility vests on the road – this one’s for all the Victorian Learners out there!

Ladies: 34-48
Men: 46-60

Colours / prices:
Neon Yellow / Grey     $950

Keep things light and airy at the height of summer with our BMW Rider Wear.

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