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The recent Off Road Training Ladies Only course in Dargle, NSW was a huge success and has set a precedent for more courses in the future.

Seventeen enthusiastic GS owners from wide and varied backgrounds, all ages and abilities assembled at the picturesque riverside venue.

The women were guided by the BMW Motorrad trainers, Shane Booth, Chris Urquhart and Craig Bernard on how to become more confident, safer and skilled BMW off road riders.

Amy Harburg was also on hand to share her experience and techniques as well as tales from her trip to Thailand as part of the International GS Trophy All Female Team.

Course participants were joined by VIP’s Kate Peck, Stephanie Redman and Kinga Tanajewska, who reveled in the all-female training environment and shared their positive feedback after the course.

Throughout the two days, a sense of accomplishment and camaraderie developed among the group. A highlight for Kinga from On Her Bike was socialising with other women “who love to take on the world.. along with the great sense of mutual respect that was shown by all.”

After safety, equipment and body positioning talks, participants were guided through BMW Off Road Rider Training’s level 1 course over a wide variety of terrain and varied weather conditions.

The group were instructed on the theories of a variety of techniques including acceleration, braking, cornering as well as safely negotiating obstacles and surfaces like hills and sand.

There was ample opportunity for questions, practical demonstrations followed by tried and tested drills.

The women overcame fears and self-doubt as they accelerated, slid and negotiated their way through the course. They developed their skills like building blocks, gradually unlocking a pathway to more difficult terrain and trails.

California Superbike School Coach, Steph Redman thoroughly enjoyed the coaching environment and ‘on the fly’ feedback. “From a coaching perspective, you couldn’t ask for anything better! The coaching observations were accurate, their feedback spot on, they would validate when you did something well and give constructive advice when something could be improved. Their friendly demeanor and delivery was disarming which made the information super easy to take on and use.”

After chatting with the women, it was evident the riders felt more at ease attempting new skills in a supportive and encouraging all-female environment compared to a male-dominated group.

A number of riders commented that after attending the course, they would be more confident to take on further rider training in a mixed group and even consider a GS Safari in the future.

MTV presenter, Kate was pumped with the positive atmosphere and progress of the group from start to finish. “The number one thing for me was there were no egos, we were all at different levels of ability but still able to take our time and let the training just organically happen.”

The BMW Motorrad trainers, Shane and Chris, had nothing but praise for the group. “It was great to see such a good roll up of lady GS riders for our first-ever BMW ladies-only course. The whole environment had a great vibe and there were plenty of laughs and good times while learning. The improvement we noticed over the two days was massive which gives us great satisfaction in what we do”.

Course Reviews from the Ladies Themselves

Stephanie Redman – California Superbike School

Kinga Tanajewska – On her Bike.

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